micro IDENTIFICATION system ― Quantum Cloud Code

QCC is a new technology using Encrypted Algorithm and Image Science to create digital micro patterns which can be merged into graphic design of packaging or products.


  • micro patterns can be used as Anti-Counterfeit Feature and Logistics Tracing Mark
  • easy and convenient to download smartphone app to identify micro patterns
  • micro patterns can be printed or laser-carved on the surface of paper, film, plastic or even metal
  • each micro pattern can be assigned a unique corresponding product info which can be managed by either QCC wERP or client owned ERP

Structural Elements

Step 1 – download QCcheck app to scan micro patterns
Step 2 – identify the legality of micro pattern by QCcheck app
Step 3 – versify the availability of decoded pattern ID in Big-Data Cloud Server
Step 4 – search corresponding info in ERP through authenticated ID DataFlow
Step 5 – feedback product info to QCcheck app for naked-eye checking

Anti Counterfeit

micro dot-matrix pattern is a random structure pattern created by our core technology. The pattern can be printed on any blank area of graphic design without attracting attention or even printed invisibly for the highest security requirement.

ps. INVISIBLE PATTERNS have to be identified through our made scanner

10 billion x 10 billion patterns available can assign to every single item with a unique pattern. The fact is the anti-counterfeit feature of a passport or even money possibly could be copied. That’s why we never boast our patterns cannot be copied although in our case it would require very high technology to do so.

We can create more than 10 billion x 10 billion patterns in different structures in a unique pattern to each other. Therefore, although any single pattern can be copied, with some difficulties, the criminal would have the almost impossible task of copying all patterns from every single item? Besides, you also can use invisible patterns for the higher security requirements.

Multiple Applications

Multiple Applications
Flexible Application makes it possible to print on most of traditional package surfaces; e.g. label, cardboard or film etc.

You can also print on the product itself directly through INKJET printers; especially for automatic production lines.

Apart from consumer products, you even can use laser to carve the pattern on the metal for industrial components as a tracing mark which is almost impossible to counterfeit.

Logistics Tracing

Logistics Tracing
Local QC reporting can be collected in real time with location info. It is unnecessary to fill annoying paper reports or carry heavy laptops to the job site; just a smartphone and Qcheck app, then your QC inspectors can record all the data into QCC wERP immediately after scanning the QCC pattern on the item.

You can either pay to use QCC wERP (adjustable to your requirements) or we can divert scanned data through EDI to your own ERP as a free service.

Anti Diversion monitoring can be trackable based on your logistics/distribution policy. You can assign territorial restrictions to each pattern ID in QCC wERP to manage & monitor which warehouse/distributor moves goods inwards, and outwards.

Shop Delivery monitoring can be done through an extremely expensive RFID system if you would like to monitor each item precisely; or you can use our QCC patterns with all its security advantages. The only thing we can’t offer is frequency scan.

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